What is a lottery?
“A lottery is a form of gambling that involves the drawing of lots. The history of lotteries goes far back, and some even say that it may have started approximately 2 000 years ago, during the Roman Empire.

The simple and straightforward mechanism of purchasing a ticket, and distributing the accumulated funds is loved by many, and is a familiar form of entertainment around the world. In many countries, lottery systems are regulated by national or local governing bodies, and its laws varies from region to region.”

Lottery market
According to TechNavio’s Global Lottery Market Report (2015-2019), which collects data from more than 500 companies to investigate and issue statistics on lottery markets, the value of the global lottery market in 2014 was $246.65 billion. It is expected to reach $376.87 billion by 2019. The lottery market growth is 8.85% CAGR (compound annual growth rate). The growth of the world’s lottery market is said to be attributed due to the increase in disposable income, this increase in consumable value has escalated people’s consumption for leisure activities. Lottery tickets are popular with people from low income to middle class groups. With the growth of the world economy, change within income groups are to be seen, and especially with economic growth in APAC, growth of the lottery market is also to be expected. In addition, as mobile internet devices such as smartphone and tablet use increases, growth of online lottery markets can be foreseen.

Global lottery trends

Platform growth
The lottery market has been seeing global growth due in part to global smartphone penetration. Globally, with easier acess to online lottery systems, we see this as the main driving force behind the lottery market as a whole.
Online lottery
Many lottery operators are currently offering online lottery tickets, and expanding their marketshare by targeting countries such as India, where paper lottery ticket are forbidden.
Variety of lottery products
Demand for a wider selection of lottery is on the rise. Currently products such as sports betting, slot games, raffles, scratch cards, etc. are available.

Countries where Quanta lottery can operate

Research into licensing conditions of varoius countries to determine where Quanta can operate was performed. Leading examples of where private enterprises may be granted a license to operate are, United Kingdom in the developed countries, South Africa among newly industrialized countries and Cambodia among emerging countries.

Steven Ormond-Smith
Chief Financial Officer
Steven is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant with over 20 years’ experience in offshore financial management and control. Steven is the Managing Director of OrmCo plc an accounting and outsourcing Company, prior to founding OrmCo, Steven worked for a Fund Administration company for four years, managing the finance function for several fully listed and AIM listed companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange and has also gained valuable experience working for two of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms. Steven holds several non-executive directorships.
Lee Hills
Chief Operating Officer
Lee is the Founder and CEO of SolutionsHub, a boutique management consultancy, business planning and strategic partner of startup and SME businesses.

In 2009 Lee began a very successful period of providing bespoke consultancy and leading multi-jurisdictional licensing services to the eGaming sector. As well as being a key advisor to dozens of licensed and non-licensed gaming companies globally, Lee has successfully project managed 9 Isle of Man license applications and has been the lead consultant on a further 3. This includes obtaining licenses for a number of previously unseen business models and the first ever sub-license. Subsequently Lee has widened the scope of technology expertise in the Blockchain and FinTech sectors.
Adam Vaziri
Chief Regulatory Officer
Diacle’s director Adam regularly participates at events. Adam is a regular speaker at Marketforce’s Future of Retail Banking Conferences. Adam will be speaking at ICE this year about regulation of blockchain gambling businesses. Adam is speaking in Amsterdam at Bitcoin Wednesday about Regulation of Digital Currencies in the European Union.
Chris Hatch
Chief Technical Officer
Queensland University of Technology, Bachelor of Information Technology
Sun Certified Java engineer since 2002 With more than 15 years developing software for different industries, Chris was fascinated by Ethereum development early after the platform's launch and became a core member of Quanta project. He is excited to be working now in the blockchain world, developing smart contracts realizing a blockchain-based provably fair lottery.
Arman Ospan
Project Manager
Arman studied Petroleum Engineering at Kazakh-British Technical University before he went to study in Japan at the age of 19, where he graduated from School of Economics at Nagoya University. During his university studies Arman had a chance to work at one of the biggest Internet companies of Japan, working on a baseball card battle game for North American market and global version of a popular Japanese social game. After graduation Arman co-founded a company in Hong Kong and moved from Tokyo to Vietnam to develop a baseball management simulation game. Arman speaks Japanese, English and Russian apart from his native Kazakh language.

Arman is in Quanta development team at CARDANO Labo, where he is involved in business and game rules planning, licensing in the Isle of Man and cooperation with company's partners worldwide.
Krzysztof Skrzypski
Core Developer
With IT Master degree at Gdansk University of Technology, Krzysztof also brings in his 7 year experience from various roles such as Mobile games development, Android, Business systems development in fashion and retailing industry (ERP, Oracle Retail, WMS, DWH, BI, e-commerce), Energy Trading and Risk Management. Still Krzysztof wants to further his solid IT and analysis competence to the next level by exposure to cryptography, research and innovation on blockchain technology.
Ho Quan
Core Developer
Quan Ho had worked for 9 years as Game System Engineer at Vietnam’s largest Internet company: VNG. He is in charge of developing gameplay systems & analyzing and refactoring code to optimize performance.
Bui Thi Thu Ha
Core Developer
Ha received her Master’s degree in Computer Engineering at University of Louisiana. She spent 2 years in teaching and 3 years working as a software developer. Ha is really passionate about working with the latest technology and spending her time creating new code.
Hans Lombardo
Strategic Advisor
Dr. Hans Lombardo, Strategic Advisor , Quanta

Hans is a strategic advisor of Quanta (, an innovative blockchain-based gaming and lottery company registered in the Isle of Man. He is co-founder and head of marketing and communications for Chain of Things, a blockchain and IoT integrated hardware-as-a-service startup. Hans is a successful entrepreneur and enthusiastic proponent of blockchain technologies. In 2012, he sold his previous company, a boutique research and data analytics firm focused on Chinese high-technology industries, to a large US think tank. Hans is an Internet industry veteran with APAC regional management experience at and Internet World magazine and events. During the Internet boom, Hans provided due diligence support for the Venture Capital Fund in Asia. As a tech journalist in the late 1990's, he interviewed Jack Ma, Jerry Yang, Vinton Cerf and Richard Li.
Blockchain Regulatory Consultancy / Legal advisor
Diacle is a member of UK ISO standards group that are providing input into the international blockchain standards process.
Diacle works on the most innovative fintech and gamtech businesses and assists them with licensing and businesDiacs setup. le, since 2013, has worked on the first blockchain licences in the world, from the first blockchain payments licence in the UK, to the first cryptosecurities exchange to a global emoney platform for digital currencies.