Adam Vaziri Joins Quanta as Chief Regulatory Officer

February 19, 2017
ICE Totally Gaming Adam Interview

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our new Chief Regulatory Officer, Adam Vaziri.

As a member of Diacle, Quanta Technology Limited’s legal advisor, Adam Vaziri previously worked with us. To more deeply engage in Quanta’s business he has now joined as an individual officer.

Adam Vaziri is a British lawyer and member of UKDCA (UK Digital Currency Association) with a profound understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He gives frequent lectures around the world regarding the technologies and is, for example, a regular speaker at “The Future of Retail Banking” conference where globally important  banks such as Barclays and Lloyds Banking Group gather. Additionally Vaziri spoke on the regulation of blockchain gambling in the EU at “ICE Totally Gaming” which is a gambling event that draws nearly 30,000 annual participants as well as “Bitcoin Wednesday” which is regularly held in Amsterdam.

Adam’s becoming QTL’s Chief Regulatory Officer strengthens Quanta’s regulation efforts and abilities. His extensive knowledge and experience will advance the Quanta project in coordination with Hans Lombardo who recently took over as a strategic advisor, Lee Hill who is now COO and Steven Ormond who is CFO. These new members gathering at Quanta are all active leaders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and clear indications of the success we are posed for.