Announcing “Quanta Wallet”

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Announcing “Quanta Wallet”

Beginning this week “Quanta Wallet” will now be available to everyone for download. The revolutionary app makes it possible to manage and store QNT after exchange.

Since they first started to be developed in 2016, DApps (the generic term used for applications that run on a blockchain) that utilize Ethereum’s smart contract technology have been garnering major interest in Europe and the United States. Quanta is one such DAapp and Quanta Wallet is a state-of-the-art user-side application developed to work in conjunction with it.

Quanta Wallet relies on knowledge and experience gained by designing the versatile AltaWallet, an app that manages and stores various cryptographic currencies and adheres to rigorous safety and stability standard.

Quanta Wallet will help you receive and manage important information such as the Quanta Lottery opening times, winning numbers, dividend information etc. Available across regions and in numerous styles, it will be constantly evolving to provide new functions as needed.

We strongly recommend that after you download Quanta Wallet you do NOT perform a backup operation [Restore Phrase]. Because there is no restoration phrase in place, there is a possibility that the QNT will be completely lost. This warning will be repeated in the download manual, which we ask you to consult.

*Mobile application version is currently under development.

*QNT in Quanta Wallet cannot be sent or received yet; it is only possible to confirm the balance at this point.