Hans Lombardo Quanta Beta Test Feedback

May 31, 2017
Hans Lombardo Quanta Beta Test Feedback

Quanta would like to sincerely thank Strategic Advisor, Hans Lombardo for his honest and thorough feedback on his experiences participating in the closed beta test of Quanta Lottery.

In his detailed response, Lombardo identified the three challenges Quanta will face – security, meeting of public expectations and engagement with current gaming industry operators who might be opposed to disruptive change. Regardless of the difficulties, he is optimistic for its ability to transform the industry and attract major interest and in particular sees “ greater, broader potential for Quanta as something like a white label solution for a multitude of jurisdictions rather than a standalone lottery.”

A main purpose of our closed beta test with industry experts is to receive constructive criticism that will allow us to improve Quanta. In this regard, Lombardo noted that features and UX needs to be improved to appeal more fully to average lottery users who may not be experienced with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He suggests, for example, a wallet that directly uses fiat currency. He summarized his view by writing, “I believe that Quanta needs to have a more intuitive, integrated platform to improve user engagement.”

Quanta is excited to modify our system and design in response to Lombardo’s feedback. Doing so will help ensure we eventually release the best user experience possible. Similarly we are emboldened by his belief that “Quanta, as a commercially viable blockchain-based lottery protocol, has a major opportunity to innovate the lottery industry as well as expand it to countries that have not been able to offer it before,” and look forward to receiving more comments from industry leaders.