Harmen Brenninkmeijer Beta Test Feedback

July 6, 2017
Announcing a new Quanta Strategic Advisor, Harmen Brenninkmeijer

Quanta would like to sincerely thank Strategic Advisor, Harmen Brenninkmeijer, for articulating his experiences participating in the closed beta test of Quanta Lottery and sharing his views on the project.

Harmen, an expert in the gaming industry, offers valuable perspective in his post-test response. Focusing on player expectations and preferences, he examines how users will react to Quanta. He notes challenges that the lottery will need to overcome (i.e. user’s unfamiliarity with cryptocurrencies) while expressing the belief that “The Quanta Lottery will become a world on its own.”

As the Quanta Lottery continues its development journey, the team is constantly looking for ways to improve design and function. Based on his experience working with gamers, Harmen gave valuable advice regarding the need to have a “more catchy name, reflecting the product. “ He also advised making the gaming experience easier through enhanced wallet and expanded game types.

Responding to Harmen’s feedback will allow Quanta to more successfully engage with and meet the needs of gaming enthusiasts around the world. As the platform grows we will be able to, as he predicts,  “create a new market segment within the lottery and gaming industry leading to real change.”