Ioannis Papachristou Appointed as SVP, Managing Director of Quanta’s Isle of Man branch

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  2. Ioannis Papachristou Appointed as SVP, Managing Director of Quanta’s Isle of Man branch
[26 May, 2020, Hong Kong] — Quanta, the Isle of Man based Blockchain Lottery pioneer, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ioannis Papachristou as the SVP, Managing Director of Quanta’s Isle of Man branch.

“Ioannis is able to respond quickly to changes that occur on a daily basis in fast moving industries.“ said Harmen Brenninkmeijer, Quanta’s CEO. “As a member of senior management, the managing director is also expected to promote expansion and innovation within the industry.“

Experienced in managing Operations and Projects, Ioannis is a dynamic and motivated professional, with a proven record of managing projects from concept to completion. He is skilled in building cross-functional teams, demonstrating exceptional communication skills and critical decision making.

Ioannis said: “I am excited to take on this role and to focus on Quanta’s potential to utilise revolutionary technology to bring unparalleled security, transparency, and immutability to the gaming sector and beyond. As a true believer in Quanta’s vision for the future, I have confidence in the new management team and its ability to lead the company to success.”

About Quanta
Quanta is a pioneer in the development of blockchain technology solutions. Quanta’s powerful technology connects consumers with decentralised products and services via its transparent payment gateway – Quanta Pay. Quanta aims to provide a single mobile interface for its users to manage crypto and make payments. This will also allow interaction with Quanta’s games and applications as well as third party products and services. In 2017 Quanta launched the first licensed blockchain lottery which fully utilises blockchain. The company also launched its GLI-certified random number generator (Randao), itself entirely built and operated on blockchain. Quanta’s lottery games and Randao are accessible via Quanta Pay.

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