LEAGUE OF BLOCKS – Quanta’s Meetup in Ethiopia

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Quanta is excited to announce the upcoming destination for our League of Blocks will take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 1 November, 2018.

The event will gather together blockchain enthusiasts to share insightful points of view and discuss issues of particular interest. Keynote speaker, Shogo Ishida, Marketing Director of Quanta, will elaborate on how blockchain technology, with the unique application, can reform the gaming industry especially those with cryptocurrencies. John O’Connor, Director of African Operations at IOHK, will share with the audience how blockchain can enhance transparency and enable business in sub-Saharan African economies.

League of Blocks is a World Tour series organized by Quanta to introduce the blockchain technology behind Quanta’s products, as well as our philosophy to better understand and improve the user experience of every party involved in the gaming industry. This is a great opportunity for the public to learn more about this innovative technology and to become a member of our unique and growing  Quanta blockchain community. We welcome interested people to join and will update the public with greater details after the event.