LEAGUE OF BLOCKS – Quanta’s Meetup in Ethiopia

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Quanta is delighted to announce that our recent League of Blocks Meetup in Ethiopia on 1 November was a great success.

Marketing Director of Quanta, Shogo Ishida, was delighted to meet a packed audience of blockchain enthusiasts, welcoming them with an informative introduction of Quanta.

Quanta has passion for the development of blockchain technology, and Ishida detailed our commitment to research and development on the innovative technology with the audience together with a review of the hard work our development team has completed on its application to benefit the gaming industry.

Quanta understand the benefits of blockchain to the gambling industry and has developed a platform that maximises the transparency, security, and fairness characteristics of blockchain, to develop a bond of trust with our players and business partners. Ishida was pleased to take a number of very interesting questions from rapt audience.

John O’Connor, Director of African Operations at IOHK, took to the podium to further elaborate on how blockchain can contribute to the expansion of this technology, and the benefits to the economy of Ethiopia. The fact that blockchain technology has great potential and can have different applications devised from it can definitely accelerate the economic growth in Ethiopia when used effectively and contribute to a dynamic and prosperous destination for businesses investors.

The audience took a great deal of interest in the presentations on how the advanced technology can be used to boost company growth and create many more future business opportunities.

Quanta is looking forward to many more such meeting with the blockchain community, as we organise more and more meetings with enthusiasts in other countries.