Matthew Warner Beta Test Feedback


July 7, 2017

Matthew Warner Beta Test Feedback

Quanta would like to sincerely thank Chain-Finance editor, Matthew Warner, for his sincere and complete feedback on the closed beta test of Quanta lottery he participated in last week.

In Matthew’s response, he identifies Quanta’s potential when he writes “Having the ability to reach a global audience with a transparent system that regulators should be able to trust I think gives Quanta the edge over many existing lottery options.” He further believes that it could be “a good use case of the benefits of blockchain.” Such optimistic forecast by an industry expert signals Quanta is positioned well to make a large impact.

Matthew also provides several important areas in which Quanta must improve to fully succeed. He notes that “In order to engage with lottery users en-masse, I think there needs to be more development put into an engaging UI, including animations of draw results, possibly graphics … and more decoration.” Similarly modifications to the general ease of app download / site navigation would make it a more accessible and rewarding experience. And while it can serve as a great example for the power of the blockchain, the technology might also be a challenge in terms of Quanta attracting new users unfamiliar with it. Quanta is excited to receive the constructive comments and continue to refine the lottery system so it can provide a profound experience for people around the world.

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