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Quanta blockchain lottery

[7 September, 2018, ISLE OF MAN] Quanta is happy to announce that our token, Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU), will be listed on Cryptopia Exchange as a tradable asset.

Based in New Zealand, the Cryptopia Exchange is a powerful currency trading platform, on which users can deposit, trade, and withdraw Bitcoin, Litecoin, and over 400 other cryptocurrencies. Ethically run and compliant with New Zealand regulations, its users experience premier support and fast response times, plus early access to new and innovative coins that have passed its stringent ethical, legal and technical requirements.

Quanta is honored to list QNTU on Cryptopia Exchange; we are delighted to service the needs of our New Zealand community.

The listing date is scheduled for the 10 September, 2018.

About Cryptopia Limited

Cryptopia Limited was started in 2014 by Founders Rob Dawson and Adam Clark as a Cryptocurrency Exchange. Based in New Zealand, the Cryptopia Exchange has over 2 million global users and the world’s largest range of cryptocurrencies. Its focus is the passionate community of users and it aims to offer them world class service including a fast, secure exchange experience.

For more information: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Home

About Quanta

Quanta is an innovative blockchain-oriented company, utilizing smart contracts in order to ensure fully automated and transparent background to Lotteries. With the implementation of its blockchain-powered Random Number Generation, which is patented and certified, Quanta minimizes the opportunity of cheating and manipulation in gambling. Quanta with its blockchain-powered solution leverages the credibility and the transparency of the Lotteries and increases the confidence amongst the players. The lottery under Quanta is not only fully safe and reliable, but also provides a great customer experience.

For more information on QNTU, visit https://quantaplc.im or www.myquanta.imfor Quanta’s lottery product.