Quanta Affiliates

Quanta blockchain lottery

Operating Quanta Lottery is an easy, safe and enjoyable experience available to anyone where Quanta Lottery is legal. After a simple application process, Affiliate Partners can quickly and easily sell tickets, use the Random Number Generation technology and ultimately award prizes.

Our Benefits

  • Quanta blockchain lottery

    Easy to Start

    The base program will be provided, only simple adjustments and coding are required.

  • Quanta blockchain lottery


    Thanks to the online platform and an expanding market, customers are widely reachable.

  • Quanta blockchain lottery


    Align with your target demographic using flexible design and sales methods.

  • Quanta blockchain lottery

    Secure Commission Payment

    Defined by Smart Contract, payments are inherently autonomous.

  • Quanta blockchain lottery

    Wholly New Business Opportunity

    The world’s first fully-compliant lottery using blockchain technology.

How to Become a Quanta Affiliate?

  • 01

    Quanta pays winning ticket holders, Quanta Affiliate receives commission (ETH) on each sale and bonus QNT royalties

  • 02

    Quanta operates lottery (deploys smart contract, selects winning tickets)

  • 03

    Quanta Affiliate markets and sells tickets for Quanta Lottery

  • 04

    Quanta reviews and approves proposal

  • 05

    Quanta Affiliate submits proposal to Quanta Technology Limited (QTL)