Quanta Presents at Block Co+ Tokyo 2018

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Quanta blockchain lottery Presents at Block Co+ Tokyo 2018

Shogo Ishida, Marketing Director of Quanta, will attend Block Co+ Tokyo 2018 to give a presentation on Quanta and its successful adoption of blockchain technology.

The presentation will take place at Hilton Tokyo Odaiba on 29 June 2018, expected to house 5000 visitors. Shogo will give a brief introduction of Quanta’s achievements, among which was obtaining the world’s first license from the Isle of Man to operate a blockchain lottery. Quanta is committed to complying with all regulations and is determined to execute business plans and meet its regulatory compliance objectives.

What is more, Shogo will elaborate on the development of blockchain technology, how the application of it will revolutionize the lottery industry, leading it to a more transparent and fair game empowered with high security and with absolutely no interference from humans. Such cutting-edge technology can realize decentralization from an idealistic concept to a possible solution to enhance everyday life situations ranging from origin tracking, public notary to lottery businesses.

The blockchain industry is full of opportunities and Quanta’s blend of market-leading technical innovations and experienced leadership are destined to overwhelm blockchain lovers from all over the world. Stay tuned for future updates.