Quanta Attends Launching Ceremony at National Taiwan University Science and Technology

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  2. Quanta Attends Launching Ceremony at National Taiwan University Science and Technology
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Quanta is delighted that our Chief Technology Officer, Kostas Farris, together with the global blockchain RegTech pioneer QRC Group and the prestigious IT company TUL were invited to join the National Taiwan University Science and Technology’s Launching Ceremony of Global Blockchain Industry-University Collaboration on 9 August, 2018.

The ceremony is to commemorate the collaboration among the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), QRC Group and TUL on the research and development of blockchain technology.

Before signing the memorandum, invited guests including Kostas from Quanta, along with QRC, renowned blockchain R&D company Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL), and world-renowned blockchain and cryptocurrency research company IOHK, individually met with President Ching-Jong Liao and Vice President, Day-Yang Liu of NTUST.

President Liao has been the President for NTUST since 2013. He has extensive experience in leading the university to achieve its goals to employ multifaceted excellence, innovative expertise, and technology integration. The graduates nurtured are globally competitive high-tech and management personnel who are ready to build the future of the society. Vice President Liu, on the other hand, is one of the leading figures of the lottery industry in Taiwan. Over the years, he has completed more than 100 research projects for government agencies and various industries; in 2008, he established The Center for the Study of Lottery and Commercial Gaming, the only research center of its kind in Taiwan, to promote the legalization of the commercial gaming industry, the casino and lottery in particular.

We treasured the precious opportunity to meet with both highly-respected scholars and were most honored to be a part of this remarkable event.