Quanta-BitoPro “QNTU Listing Event” on 10 August, 2018

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  2. Quanta-BitoPro “QNTU Listing Event” on 10 August, 2018
Quanta blockchain lottery BitoPro

Quanta is excited to welcome our collaboration with BitoEX to have the Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU) listed as a tradable asset on BitoPro, BitoEX’s exchange arm, the major digital asset exchange platform in Taiwan. Following the signing of the contract, a QNTU Listing Event is scheduled to be held on 10 August 2018 in Taiwan.

Titled “How to use blockchain technology to expand the hundred-billion-worth gaming market?” the event will cover topics like the economics of cryptocurrency and the application of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. After the opening remarks by BitoEx’s CEO, Titan Cheng, Kostas Farris, Quanta’s Chief Technology Officer, will be representing Quanta and will speak about Quanta and its token. The event will also invite guest speakers from QRC and Infinity Blockchain Labs.

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