Quanta Blockchain Workshop in London – Entrance to a Peer-to-Peer Gaming Industry

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  2. Quanta Blockchain Workshop in London – Entrance to a Peer-to-Peer Gaming Industry
Quanta Blockchain Workshop in London – Entrance to a Peer-to-Peer Gaming Industry

On October 6th, Quanta successfully held a blockchain workshop at Level 39, Canary Wharf, London. This first workshop is of a series introducing blockchain technology in the peer-to-peer gaming industry, discussing how breakthroughs in blockchain technology are going to disrupt the gaming industry, and introducing Quanta as a case study.

The event focused on giving participants a hands-on experience to take part in the demonstration of a blockchain lottery that used random number generation (RNG) technology, discussed the opportunities of innovative blockchain technology, and brought Quanta closer to users.

Demo demonstration and Quanta introduction

Adam Vaziri, Quanta CRO, started the workshop by guiding participants through a demo of Quanta Lottery to help attendees get acquainted with the ticket purchasing process in Quanta Lottery. The attendees also witnessed as RNG (random number generation) technology was used to determine the winner of each round.

After the demo, Adam Vaziri introduced Quanta Lottery and the innovative blockchain technology behind it. He emphasized how RNG technology makes it a truly extraordinary experience and explained how Quanta aims to prioritise regulations to ensure trust and reliability.

Overview of blockchain and the gaming industry

Matthew Warner, an editor at Chain-Finance, spoke to the full crowd about blockchain technology and uses for the gaming industry. He explained how blockchain works, key features that make blockchain a real revolutionary technology, and potential benefits of applying blockchain to the gaming industry.

Discussion among participants about Quanta

Adam Vaziri continued the event by a discussion with participants, answering their concerns about Quanta, blockchain technology, its features as well as Quanta ambition in the lottery industry. The workshop did receive many useful feedbacks from the participants. One of the attendees, Prasanna Vasan from the financial sector, said that he found the workshop very interesting since this was the first time he was shown a working proof of concept to try out and found the app user friendly and an enjoyable experience to buy a lottery ticket with cryptocurrency. By engaging directly with eager participants who are interested in the innovative blockchain lottery, Quanta’s team had a great chance to learn about potential users to better cater to their demands.

Quanta’s workshop aims to introduce the world to a real blockchain lottery platform that is regulated and transparent. Users will be able to provide real-time feedback and have their responses reviewed by Quanta’s marketing and technical leaders. Through this workshop series,  Quanta will no longer be perceived as a fresh concept but an actual blockchain based lottery platform users can easily interact with. It is certain that our workshop series hasn’t ended here but will continue to take place in more communities globally with an aim to bringing Quanta lottery to a lot more people who will soon be Quanta players.