Quanta Emphasizes the Importance of Compliance at BlockShow Asia in Singapore

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  2. Quanta Emphasizes the Importance of Compliance at BlockShow Asia in Singapore
Quanta blockchain lottery

Quanta’s Chief Regulatory Officer, Adam Vaziri, recently attended the BlockShow Asia event in Singapore on 29 November and spoke about his experience in pursuing regulatory compliance in the gaming industry.

With his combined blockchain and legal background, Adam places the utmost importance in security issues in respect of lottery transactions. He also shared his experience in the preparations undertaken in the successful application for a remote gambling license and how Quanta is making significant contributions to new standards for the gaming industry.

Adam reflected upon two crucial elements for the gaming industry – transparency and fairness. With Quanta’s innovative application of blockchain technology every draw is immutably recorded with a clear and transparent history as blockchain functions like an open ledger where every party involved can be reviewed by participants. As a result, the desired fairness is achieved because the data stored is extremely hard to falsify due to the traceable record.

Adam further explained to the audience that whilst there are many RNG systems in the market Quanta’s unique Randao RNG system has been tested and certified by an independently gaming laboratory to prove that it is completely random and humanly unpredictable.

Concluding his remarks, Adam discussed Quanta’s strategic planning for future growth and indicated that a major development with a local lottery operator in Africa will soon be announced.