Quanta Presents at IAGR 2017 Annual Conference, Johannesburg

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  2. Quanta Presents at IAGR 2017 Annual Conference, Johannesburg

The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) annual conference this year was held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 16th to 19th of October 2017. This regulatory conference is held annually to gather regulators globally in the singular mission of advancing the effectiveness and efficiency of gaming regulation together with strategic alliances. Quanta Technology Limited was pleased to be invited to represent the blockchain community on the second day over the session, “Blockchain – The new ‘Internet?’,” to present Quanta Lottery as a case study in the keynote session and organize a lottery demo game-play for conference participants.

Quanta Lottery based on Blockchain technology

On Day 2 of the conference, introduced by Ms. Christina Thakor-Rankin, Principal Consultant for 1710 Gaming, Adam Vaziri, the CRO of Quanta, spoke to the full crowd of regulators and gaming officials about the fundamentals of blockchain technology and the different aspects of it. He also expounded on how it can be applied to the gaming industry to fill out the existing gaps in the lottery industry. This was followed by an introduction to Quanta Lottery as the first fully compliant blockchain lottery in the world and an explanation on how a lottery based on blockchain works.

Quanta Lottery demo play session

The highlight of the event was the Quanta Lottery game-play session, in which participants received demo lottery tickets from Quanta Lottery using test cryptocurrency. The lottery round was open for 5 hours, and each play provided participants with 30 tickets each. Quanta team members provided attendees with devices to walk them through the game-play and assist them in the ticket purchasing process. To determine the winner, RNG (Random Number Generator) based on RANDAO algorithms on Ethereum was used to determine the random number from the ticket pool to select the lottery prize winners. 3 winners were then announced at the end of the keynote session to wrap up our game-play in South Africa.

The participants were interested in how new technology that promises more transparency and security can improve the traditional lottery system. It was particularly intriguing that they had a real life use case to experiment with and the Quanta team were there to provide more context and explain the specifics of the technology itself. By representing the blockchain industry as a case study in the conference and engaging participants in Quanta demo game-play, Quanta team had a great opportunity to collect valuable feedbacks of the product to ensure Quanta Lottery excellently meets all users’ needs.

IAGR 2017 provided the Quanta team with interesting insights from regulators worldwide into the opportunity to introduce Quanta Lottery and its underlying technology and obtain useful reviews for further product development. Together with Quanta’s regard for compliance and regulation, we look forward to making more connections with affiliate partners and potential players of Quanta Lottery from all over the world.