Quanta Joins Panel Discussion at APLA Regional Conference 2018

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  2. Quanta Joins Panel Discussion at APLA Regional Conference 2018

Quanta’s CTO, Kostas Farris, attended the APLA Regional Conference 2018-Kuching, Malaysia as an invited panellist on 10 October, 2018.

The topic of the panel discussion was “Which technology is being embraced and has long term impact to the industry? Cloud, UX, Blockchain, etc.,” Kostas, together with Ms. Katrina Bonnet, Regional Director of Sales for Scientific Games and Mr. Marios Mitromaras, CEO of Intralot Gaming Services and Intralot Australia, drew upon their vast collective experiences to debate the matter in detail. Katrina talked about customer experience while Marios elaborated on the future of the gaming industry with the application of innovative technologies.

Kostas provided a detailed overview of Quanta, emphasising how seriously Quanta takes its licensing obligations  and how it has taken great care to ensure that it only takes players and partners from legally acceptable markets/ jurisdictions. He also explained that Quanta has carefully developed blockchain technology with an aim of providing universal access to fair gaming services.  Quanta recognises that many potential players may be unfamiliar with this advanced technology and is developing its website to make it as easy as possible for people to join in with this safe, secure and unique gaming opportunity. To lottery operators especially, this is the era to embrace the transformational development as blockchain has offered the long-awaited security and transparency among other positive aspects. Kostas’ sharing, as expected, had drawn much exciting feedback from the audience. Mr. Randy Roberts, Research Director – IoT & Telco for IDC Market Research, Asia Pacific and other attendees raised questions on the business models and the related technology which was all thoroughly answered by Kostas.

The conference is a major annual event with a focus on new technologies and this year, it has three sessions covering blockchain technology which is a distinct indicator that the technology is an effective development that is worth the discussion. Quanta is honoured to have the opportunity to take part in the panel discussion; we treasure the time made available for us to share our knowledge and experience with fellow technology experts, and we very much look forward to joining the conference next year.