Quanta Joins Panel Discussion at BlockShow Asia 2018 in Singapore

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  2. Quanta Joins Panel Discussion at BlockShow Asia 2018 in Singapore
Quanta blockchain lottery

Quanta’s CTO, Kostas Farris, recently attended the latest BlockShow Asia show, an event dedicated to blockchain enthusiasts keen to learn about developments in the industry and network with the industry’s leading experts.

Kostas participated in the panel session “How Blockchain Transforms the Gaming Sector” and introduced Quanta, the world’s first fully licensed blockchain lottery company and explained about the benefits of blockchain technology to the gaming industry.

Kostas highlighted the importance of compliance with the regulators broad scope of requirements as this helps to establish a bond of trust with players and why the Isle of Man was an excellent jurisdiction to base a blockchain based gaming company.  He also went on to explain about the intrinsic benefits of security, transparency and fairness offered by the decentralised nature of blockchain but also raised some of the obstacles for blockchain development emphasizing that the lack of scalability limits the capacity for transactions.

Finally, Kostas explained that Quanta has its own token, the Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU) that is currently listed on five cryptocurrency exchanges around the world and explained that Quanta has a strategic plan for future growth in this sector and that we will publish more about this in due course and anyone interested should register their interest with Quanta.

BlockShow Asia is a great opportunity for Quanta to share its knowledge of blockchain with like-minded and interested stakeholders and we are extremely happy to share with the audience how, through our expertise and knowledge of blockchain, we can make a considerable contribution to the development of the gaming industry.