Quanta Mission

Quanta’s mission is to leverage the gaming industry in the blockchain era. As part of this undertaking, we are providing applied gaming and business solutions using blockchain technology as well as promoting and mobilizing stakeholders in the gaming industry to integrate with this revolutionary technology. Additionally, we are endeavouring to give those who do not have access to a ‘local’ lottery the opportunity to access our ‘trusted and transparent’ technology and to dream about what could be.

As Quanta continues its journey to the highest levels of blockchain gaming, it does so by keeping in line with four pillars that serve as its foundation and lay the groundwork for its success as well as the success of its associates. They are laid out in the company’s roadmap.

Quanta's Products


The current portfolio of games under Quanta consist of several varieties of lotteries:


Quanta Prize Draw is a game in which people obtain numbered tickets, with each having the chance of winning a prize.

Quanta Gaming System provides the operator, with the chance to configure both the amount of winning categories, the percentage that will be distributed to each of the winning categories and finally the amount of winners that will be drawn for each one of the winning categories. (Q1 2019)


The VIP Lottery is another innovative concept of Quanta with anniversary or bespoke draws that targets specific groups of players, such as lottery enthusiasts, Quanta supporters and more. (Q2 2019)


Lottery 6/49 involves six numbers being drawn from a set of 49 and if a ticket matches all six numbers, then the Jackpot prize is won. Should more than one player win the top prize, it is split amongst them. Lesser prizes are also awarded if the player matches 3, 4 or 5 numbers.(Q2 2019)


Similar to Lottery 6/49, the only distinction is that Lottery 5/45 involves the player selecting 5 numbers that will be drawn out of a total of 45 numbers instead. If the players numbers match all 5 numbers drawn by the lottery, the player wins the first prize and smaller prizes for matching 3 or 4 numbers.(Q3 2019)


Quanta payment gateway is the mid-ware system that connects payment providers with the Quanta Gaming Platform. Quanta’s e-Gaming solution is based on a Private Blockchain ecosystem, as such, it cannot directly use any of the public cryptocurrencies or handle FIAT currencies. To overcome this and to make the Quanta Gaming Platform viable, Quanta introduce an internal token, the Quanta Game Token (QGT).

QGT is the main currency in Quanta’s Private Blockchain environment, strictly used inside the Private Blockchain network and has no value outside of it. In this way, the player can use the functionality provided by the Token-centric payment system of Quanta to buy QGT using any approved cryptocurrency such as Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and in due course FIAT currency.

Quanta’s Token-centric ecosystem currently only accepts Ethereum, but we are planning to introduce other cryptocurrencies and the use of FIAT currency for both deposits and withdrawals.

This development will allow players registered to KYC-3 ‘approved’ status the ability to buy Quanta Game Token by using their Quanta Game Wallet and to exchange their winnings in QGT back to the same currency they used for the deposit.

More cryptocurrencies and payment providers will be introduced in the future.(H2 2019)


Quanta RNG

The core process of any lottery is the means by which winners are selected. The Quanta RNG random number generation protocol has been developed to decentralize this process.

DAO is a type of decentralized autonomous organization that makes use of community participation to generate random numbers. Its is governed by a smart contract that outlines participation rules. As a protocol, Quanta RNG comprises of several stages that are each automated using smart contract code.

To increase the security and safety of the process, Quanta RNG has implemented the following requirements and procedures:

  1. KYC verification as a condition of RNG participation.
  2. QGT token pledging as a condition of RNG participation.
  3. A two-sided structure: Inclusion of the lottery administration as a participant reduces the chance that some external group can collaborate to drive a particular number through the RNG system.


Proof of Concept

Being able to offer a fast and reliable gaming experience to all of our players no matter how many there are is one of our biggest challenges.

After working on multiple ideas on how to increase the performance of Quanta Lottery Private Ethereum Blockchain network, the Quanta Lab Development team, came up with a plan to keep the cost low whilst dramatically increasing the performance:

Phase 1

(Quanta Private Ethereum Blockchain platform – code enhancement)

Fine tune the root code of EVMs to achieve better performance: introduce a performance of 1,000 simple transactions per second (smart contract performance depends on the complexity of each smart contract).

Phase 2

(Each game owns its own private chain)

Work on a platform design (see example), where each game will work on a separate private chain and they and the Private Blockchain network are interacting with each other and public blockchains through Quanta Tokenized Payment Gateway.

Phase 3

(Quanta Plasma implementation – Scalability)

Introduce systems that permit more than one private chains working for the same game, serving the same players thus the Quanta Lottery System will be capable to be expanded according to the needs and demands of each game separately.

Investigate the Plasma concept so that there will be a signature of Quanta Ethereum Blockchain Platform held in Public Ethereum to ensure traceability, fairness, transparency and player trust.(H2 2019)

Game Aggregator

Quanta Game Aggregation is designed to maximise game offerings by combining gaming content of multiple vendors from both Traditional Lottery and Blockchain Gaming Platforms.

Quanta advanced platform also enables efficient management of different game features such as bonuses and free rounds across all the vendors that will be hosted under Quanta Aggregation from one back office.

In other words, whether you are looking to begin your journey as a player that wants to participate in Quanta Blockchain Lottery games or you want to play with casino-type games or other Instant games, Quanta Lottery Platform will be the place.

Business Development

Quanta is working to introduce more lottery games based on blockchain technology as well as incorporating other vendors games under our platform and make them available to Quanta players.

Having launched in a region such as the Isle of Man, we understand the needs of players and companies coming from a smaller territory. We see similar demands arising in developing and emerging economies in Africa and believe that we can supply the solutions to that need through market expansion.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is the home of Quanta Technology, the world’s first licensed blockchain lottery operator. This achievement is particularly noteworthy because lottery is a highly regulated industry that requires meeting regulations throughout its development and operation. Adding to this, one of the requirements for being fully licensed is having an RNG system that works properly. Quanta RNG has been tested many times by the UK-based audit organization NMi, and is also the world's first NMi certificated Blockchain corporation.

We launched the Quanta Prize Draw in January 2019 and have seen good sales growth during the soft launch phase. Our success to date has given us the confidence to expand into additional international markets.

We are due to launch our next game Lotto 6/49 in the next few weeks with additional games in the coming months. Quanta Lottery will continue to grow in popularity with players on the Isle of Man and beyond as we will make it available in additional jurisdictions.



Quanta has invested in one of the biggest Lotteries of Nigeria, the International Lottery and Gaming Limited (ILGL), also known as Naija Lottery, to have the world’s first deal where a blockchain company acquired a traditional lottery company and create a multi-million naira blockchain investment platform. The reasoning behind why Quanta put their stake into Naija is because the company already had a pre-existing license to provide lottery games.

ILGL is a privately owned company and the fourth-largest of 20 licensed lottery companies in Nigeria. It has been granted a Grade A National License from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission to offer lottery games throughout the country.

This acquisition ushered in an era where innovation compliments tradition, injecting the power of blockchain technology into the lottery business as well as introducing a significant base for Quanta to target other emerging markets in Africa and other continents.

Under this deal, Quanta and ILGL will combine their forces to apply blockchain technology to revitalise traditional lottery, and to act as a platform to further strengthen growth in the African market.

The Nigeria lottery industry is a major source of wealth distribution in the country, while the role of cryptocurrencies continues to garner national-level attention.




We anticipate that the vast majority of new Quanta lottery players will be referred to the platform via affiliate marketing. Any company that can legitimately sell tickets in a jurisdiction can become an affiliate of Quanta Lottery and sell its products.

Affiliates are rewarded on the basis of the business provided to Quanta and are paid in both FIAT currency and in QNTU negotiated on a case by case basis.

Quanta’s affiliate business model is designed to attract one or two affiliates per country. Affiliates will pledge to commit QNTU to Quanta which will be held and returned back to the affiliate at the end of the business relationship.

Our design team have produced a platform like no other and is constantly evolving to ensure that it delivers a product that performs at the very highest levels for our players.

The international lottery market has significant potential and we are ready, and excited to tap into it.


Market Expansion

Having established a commercially viable operation with proven track record for financial commerciality and performance, we are seeking to expand our offering into new markets. Initially we will explore a number of target jurisdictions where we will actively seek affiliate partners whilst also accepting players from non-target jurisdictions where remote gambling is permitted. Currently, we are talking to some potential partners in several jurisdictions in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

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