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Conrad Manila, Philippines

Southeast Asia is one of the most dynamic regions in the world and growing middle class populations, high mobile penetration and the expansion of infrastructures make the maturing market very appealing.  Such enthusiasm certainly extends to the region’s  gaming industry which recently held the first ASEAN Gaming Summit in Manila, Philippines. We were very honored to be a part of the exciting event and exchange information with well-established industry professionals.

The conference took place in brand new Conrad Manila opened in middle of  2016

How Technology is Changing the Industry

A main theme of the weekend was how emerging technologies are rapidly revolutionizing the gaming industry in the region. From online gaming to mobile access and e-sports, there remains no question that success in the industry will depend on adopting and adapting to new technologies.

Of particular interest were the discussions about the great value of bitcoin and the  rise of cryptocurrencies being utilized for payments, prizes and savings. The attention paid to bitcoin coincided with general interest in blockchain, a technology that Quanta Lottery employs.

Adam, cast on the big screens,  explained  blockchain technology and its huge potential

Quanta Lottery Took Part by Discussing “How Lotteries are Capitalizing on New Technology”

Adam Vaziri, Quanta’s Chief Regulatory Officer, contributed insights on how blockchain technology could have a positive impact on the lottery industry. During the panel discussion, panelists agreed that the lottery has long been a growing segment and this trend would continue. In this sector, blockchain and smart contract technology will benefit all the stakeholders in terms of allowing more transparent and efficient operation. The audience became especially interested when discussions turned to the ways in which one can involve regulators. Adam explained Quanta’s view that strict adherence to regulation and local compliance is the best route to take, and how we are therefore working closely with regulators to create the framework for regulating this new technology. As a pioneer in the industry, Quanta Lottery has the power to lead the implementation of blockchain technology and establish standards of transparency, compliance and openness to regulation.

Quanta’s legal advisor Adam Vaziri from Diacle attracted audience with his view on Blockchain

The event was a great success in raising awareness of Quanta Lottery and its underpinning technology, as well as learning about many fascinating innovations. We look forward to strengthening our connections within the industry and because Quanta Lottery is developing market strategies for not just Asia but the whole world, we will next  share our goals, vision and passion as a speaker at the World Gaming Executive Summit in Barcelona in July.

Expect big things from Quanta Lottery in the future!