Quanta Partners

Quanta blockchain lottery

As Quanta grows and expands, we invite our community to get more engaged. You will be rewarded for every contribution of your expertise or network that helps us achieve our goals.

Our partners will get a certain percentage of the Quanta tokens, QNTU, based on their contribution when they promote the Quanta brand including but not limited in the following ways:

  • Share Quanta news and related community-created content
  • Translate Quanta news and related community-created content to the local language or additional language(s)
  • Write own content promoting Quanta in different groups and
  • Join and invite others to join Quanta official Telegram: t.me/QuantaGlobal
  • Invite @QuantaGlobal to your group and Improvise ways to increase Quanta official Telegram members
  • Organize event for Quanta and invite us as speaker

We have a well-maintain mechanism implemented to reward our Quanta Partners. If you are interested to join, please fill out the application form below.

Application Form
Name Email Phone Country residing in
City residing in
Social media network Group / Forum hosting