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QiGB live Quanta blockchain lottery

Kostas Farris, Quanta’s CTO, gave an excellent presentation on 17 July, 2018 at iGB Live! Amsterdam.

The blockchain lotteries focused presentation drew a huge audience with full house in attendance. . Many players who are into online gaming have heard of blockchain technology but how far can it go to transform one traditional thing into something powerfully unique? Quanta Lottery has set the ideal example.

During the presentation, Kostas mentioned Quanta’s dedication towards blockchain lottery, respectful enough to go through the lengthy process to obtain the world’s first blockchain lottery license from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission—a crucial step that paved the future of lottery. Then came Quanta Lottery, which of course has blockchain technology as its backbone, to first resolve the issues in traditional lottery, and second, to give customers peace of mind. Customers always find the legitimacy of traditional lottery doubtful whereas Quanta Lottery can assure total transparency. With data being shared and accessed through an open protocol, Quanta Lottery thus eliminates the risk of handling the important information centrally.

Kostas then moved on to discuss another significant topic: security. With Quanta’s Smart Contract, one can play with great confidence and convenience as the entire process is automated and transparent. With literally no physical contracts, there is no need for central authorities to oversee transactions and thus, the risk of manipulation is supremely minimized but efficiency massively enhanced.

The audience were totally enthralled by the presentation and were astounded to find out how blockchain technology can reform traditional lottery, and how much Quanta Lottery has contributed to such a meaningful evolution. We were glad to share the insightful information with the crowd and most honored to be a part of the paramount transformation.