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Quanta Presents at MGS Summit - Quanta blockchain lottery

The annual MGS Summit this year was held in the Venetian Hotel, Macau from the 14th to 16th of November 2017. Quanta attended the first 2 days of the event to share our knowledge about the advancement of blockchain technology, its application in an online lottery environment and to also share the latest information about Quanta!

With the theme “Smart City, Smart Economy”, the MGS Summit 2017 focused on topics such as the Smart City of the future, breakthrough technology for the next generation and its impact on the gaming industry to name but a few. Professional speakers from different sectors shared interesting insights into how new technologies like big data, data mining and blockchain would transform the future development of cities and the way people connect to modern technology.

Blockchain technology is changing online gaming

On the first day of the summit, Adam Vaziri, Quanta’s Chief Regulatory Officer, spoke to participants about blockchain and how it is an exciting and promising technology of the future that can be applied in various industries and significantly benefit people’s lives. Adam went on to discuss the current drawbacks of existing lotteries which have hindered many people from trusting the established system and participating in the game. In the final part of his session, Adam introduced Quanta as the first fully licensed blockchain lottery in the world and explained how Quanta works to offer an ultimate solution to all the problems identified with existing lotteries by, creating a transparent, secure and automated blockchain-based system.

Game-play session organized at Quanta’s exhibition booth

Quanta also presented its product on the exhibition floor and engaged with summit attendees both in and outside of the gaming industry. Not only were participants introduced to Quanta Lottery, and its breakthrough blockchain technology, but they also had an interesting time taking part in the game-play sessions to get hands-on experience of the Quanta Lottery System. There were 3 lottery rounds organized for the attendees, 2 on the first day and the other 1 in the morning of the second day, so that attendees could join and learn about Quanta Lottery. Participants were interested in learning how Quanta transforms the traditional lottery model due to its blockchain technology and Random Number Generation (RNG) method.

MGS in Macau is one of the largest gaming and entertainment summits and it attracts thousands of technology and gaming savvy individuals. Therefore, the event is a great opportunity for Quanta to let more people know about its advance blockchain lottery platform, collect useful feedbacks for future product development and network with potential partners from all over the world.