Quanta Presents at Token News Conference in the Philippines

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Quanta blockchain lottery

Quanta’s Marketing Director, Shogo Ishida, joined the Token News Philippine Conference and made an extraordinary presentation on 27 August, 2018.

The conference was monumental as it marked the official launch of Token News Philippines. Before it started, there was a press conference and the media was eager to find out more about blockchain technology, Quanta and especially about Quanta Lottery and its security. Shogo welcomed their enthusiasm and readily answered all the questions.

In his presentation, Shogo shared a local story of a lottery winner who bought the ticket himself but entrusted his friend to claim the prize but never received any of the money. This story best illustrates the issues in the traditional lottery and how blockchain technology can help. Shogo explained to around 1000 audience members that the blockchain lottery has a crystal-clear transaction record which no one can manipulate, thus tracking important details such as who purchased the lottery ticket, location of the lottery, which draw they participated in and the cost of the lottery ticket. The Quanta platform produces solid and conclusive evidence of these facts. This actually fits nicely with Quanta’s mission: we strive to transform the traditional lottery sector into a blockchain based lottery with increased transparency, this would improve the overall gaming experience of the players.

We were grateful to have this opportunity to share with the crowd the advantages blockchain technology has brought to traditional lottery and how Quanta being a part of the evolution can help benefit the gaming industry.