Quanta Successfully Surpasses Benchmark in Proof of Concept Testing

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  2. Quanta Successfully Surpasses Benchmark in Proof of Concept Testing
[14 August, 2019, Douglas, Isle of Man] — Quanta Technology, the world’s first licensed blockchain lottery operator, just recently completed Phase 1 of its Proof of Concept testing by exceeding its benchmark. Through tremendous progress, the Quanta Lab Development team was able to enhance the private Ethereum blockchain platform Quanta is on to be able to process 1235 tickets per second or 2045 simple transactions per second. At the same time, the testing also demonstrated that Quanta has been able to achieve low server costs for a high performing private blockchain infrastructure.

This benchmark is a significant milestone for Quanta and in line with the company’s mission to leverage the gaming industry in the blockchain era. Following Quanta’s current activities in Africa, the ability to process 250 tickets per second is enough to operate a blockchain lottery in the Nigerian market. With this in mind, Quanta’s performance power to process 1235 tickets per ticket exhibits its potential to expand into the rest of Africa.

“This accomplishment is the result of our unyielding effort to increase the performance of the Quanta Lottery Private Ethereum Blockchain Network,” said Kostas Farris, CTO and Director of Quanta. “Being able to offer a fast and reliable gaming experience to all our players no matter how many there are has always been a goal that we strive for. Now that we have finally executed it, we are ready for our next triumph”

Following the success of this achievement, Quanta will carry this tremendous performance and momentum forward into Phase 2 of its PoC where it is already in progress.    

Quanta currently runs a weekly prize draw, the ‘Quanta Prize Draw’ (www.myquanta.im), which is regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and has a range of prizes and a potential jackpot. Quanta is also the major shareholder of Naija Lottery which is currently one of the biggest game operators in Nigeria.  

Quanta posts regular updates to Facebook and Telegram.

About Quanta

Quanta Plc is an innovative blockchain-oriented company that utilizes smart contracts in order to ensure fully automated and transparent blockchain-powered solutions. Quanta Plc owns Quanta Technology Limited, operator of the world’s first licensed blockchain-based gaming company on the Ethereum platform. Its products, including gaming platform, random number generator, token-centric payment gateway and game wallet are blockchain-powered and certified to ensure utmost trust and transparency in the gaming industry. The company employs Smart Contracts to offer full automation and integrity to lotteries. With the support of QNTU, utility token, Quanta leverages services to strengthen the customer’s engagement. QNTU is currently trading on six renowned cryptocurrency exchanges including Latoken, Lykke, HitBTC, Bit-Z, and BitoPro.

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