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Quanta blockchain lottery Closed Beta Testing

Quanta, the first fully compliant blockchain lottery, is officially in its testing phase!

This week, approximately two dozen industry and technology experts were given access to the lottery game for closed beta testing. For two to three months, they will have the opportunity to participate in all gameplay aspects including the groundbreaking RNG (random number generation) as well as take advantage of the innovative Quanta Wallet.

The Quanta team looks forward to the expert feedback, allowing us to respond to their experiences and making the Quanta System even more thrilling and accessible. As the reports are submitted by testers, we will be publish each report one by one, allowing for an unprecedented look at Quanta and its design.

Amongst the first group of participants is Hans Lombardo, COO & co-founder of Chain of Things (an industry leader in integrating blockchain and IoT to deploy industrial and environmental solutions), Chris North, founder of GamCrowd (the home of the gambling technology sector) and Matthew Warner, managing editor of Chain-Finance (premier provider of news related to different blockchains and distributed ledger technologies).

After the closed beta testing period, Quanta is excited to open for several months of open beta testing when people world-wide will have the opportunity to participate in the revolutionary lottery system before its global release.