Quanta’s CTO Interviewed by Japanese Magazines

July 11, 2018

We are gratified that the Quanta brand is well known in the blockchain industry and honored that media around the globe would like to meet our experts. Kostas Farris, Quanta’s CTO, was interviewed by 2 Japanese magazines: *Monthly Cryptocurrency and **Dejitsu earlier in June.

In the interview, Kostas shared his thoughts on Quanta being the world’s first fully licensed Blockchain lottery and its commitment to regulatory  compliance. It took him 2  years to receive the license from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission to operate a blockchain lottery product while the Random Number Generation (RNG) driven by Quanta’s unique Randao process had also undergone certification by a third party (NMi). The achievements of Quanta are tremendous; they have proved our pledge to professionally grow and expand.

Kostas went further on to answer the most commonly asked question: Why did Quanta choose to pursue in lottery, provided that our blockchain experts have experience in a wide spectrum of subjects? The plain answer is lotteries can actually be played anywhere without the boundary condition, but most importantly, Kostas believes lottery and blockchain are compatible. From the purchase of lottery tickets to prize distribution, Quanta can fully ensure total transparency and fairness which will  benefit every party in the game.

Besides, our name “Quanta” has also drawn much interest from the public. Why “Quanta?” The name itself came from the word “quantum” which means “the smallest amount of something.” The quantum mechanics can produce compelling experimental results and so does Quanta in the blockchain world; we are pleased to be a part of some breakthrough results.

The interview ended with two pieces of good news: first is Quanta’s approach to meet fans and players from all over the world, which has already started with a world tour that is s planned to cover 30 countries by the end of August this year.  Secondly we have new products being released within the year. We have been working on exciting projects so simply stay tuned for our updates and follow our telegram: https: //t.me/quantaofficial

Source: Crypto Girl https://bit.ly/2uh740i

*Monthly Cryptocurrency: https://amzn.to/2L1OoZF

**Dejitsu: http://dejitsu.com/