Quanta’s CTO to Join the Isle of Man eGaming Summit in Panel Discussion  


September 19, 2018

Quanta is delighted that our CTO, Kostas Farris, will attend the Isle of Man eGaming Summit organized by KPMG.

The core theme of the event is ‘Raising Standards Together;’ and KPMG has brought together a range of different representatives including the Isle of Man’s Government digital leadership team to present on specific topics and to share their ideas and contributions. Kostas will represent Quanta on panel to discuss with fellow speakers discussing the merits of the Isle of Man as a ‘digital’ destination for gaming. Kostas will also share how Quanta has helped to further the development of eGaming with our blockchain-powered solution, including our expertise in developing the blockchain technology and the respective benefits it has brought to the gaming industry, and of course our product, the renowned Quanta Lottery, of which the core part, our unique RANDAO random number generator will also be covered.

The summit will take place on 20 September, 2018.

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