Corporate Governance and Accountability

Quanta relies on specific, strict guidelines and practices for all corporate activity. We strive to make transparent our internal plans and actions. with detailed procedures and reporting

Quanta Technology will act responsibly by:

Applying transparency principles when executing Quanta system functions to ensure best practices and enforcements
Developing and maintaining authority levels in the Quanta system, along with security and risk management procedures

Implementing global security standards into our system and outsourcing implementable security procedures to partners

Engaging with stakeholders to ensure that Quanta Technology is accountable, properly balanced and informed in its business practices

Managing its employees and business partners to guarantee professional, responsive and accountable behavior as well as fair cooperation

Quanta Technology demonstrates its accountability to its stakeholders by:

Producing a business plan

Maintaining a bookkeeping report and accounts monthly and annually

Appointing a Chief Financial Officer

Actively managing its approach to updated laws and regulations, marketing programs and budget proposals

Having a clear process for responding to complaints