Matthew Warner
Editor at Chain-Finance

“I think that the premise of Quanta is excellent and it has a number of benefits to offer above existing lottery solutions.”

Assessment of Business Model

What is your evaluation of the Quanta business model as a standalone lottery?


What is your evaluation of the Quanta business model as a white label platform for operators?


What is your evaluation of the Quanta business model as a use case of Blockchain technology?


How innovative is the Quanta platform for the lottery industry?


How innovative is the Quanta platform as blockchain use case?


What kind of risks, concerns do you foresee with Quanta’s business model?

Consumer adoption of a technology that is still relatively new and not mainstream. In order to reach the numbers of people that other lotteries reach Quanta will need to offer a solution that is attractive on a number of levels and easy to explain and use to people with a wide range of age and technical expertise.
Provision of a system simple enough for people that are not technologically adept to set up and engage with will be one key factor for Quanta to see in being adopted. Even as a white label solution, many companies in the gambling industry are not yet on-board with blockchain technology.

What kind of opportunities do you foresee with Quanta’s business model?

The lure of probably fair gambling is one that I see any person enjoying. One of the big problems for gambling is users feeling that games are rigged when they lose so being able to verify that results are due to chance rather than predetermined options or rigged results will be well received. The use of blockchain and smart contracts to making gambling safe and secure for users from both outside attacks and operators not being able to cancel bets or avoid pay-outs will benefit operators and users alike. Having the ability to reach a global audience with a transparent system that regulators should be able to trust I think gives Quanta the edge over many existing lottery options.

Evaluation of Technology

Were you able to evaluate Randao’s RNG effectively?


Is the Randao RNG provably fair?


How reliable is Quanta as a lottery platform?


How well is Quanta’s smartcontract designed? (Based on the source code you have been able to read.
Otherwise, based on the information we have provided.)


What words come to mind when you look at the logo?

Hexagon, Chemistry, Nodes, Connectivity, Interlocking, Secure, Pattern. The overarching theme I felt from the logo was ‘Industrial’ which is possibly better suited to selling Quanta as a white label solution but not engaging enough to market or brand to the general public.

What suggestions for improvement do you have for this technology?

Based on the demonstration and one test run I took, I don’t feel that I am able to evaluate the RNG, Source code or smart contract effectively. As I am also not a developer I don’t think I am able to comment on technical information. I am sure that the RNG is provably fair and the platform is reliable but only through trusting what I have been told about it – not through my own evaluation. I didn’t feel I could rate the reliability highly from the initial test as reliability implies extended use or testing with no
issues so, although the first test went smoothly, I can’t comment on its reliability from one event only.

Evaluation of gamification

Does Quanta improve user engagement for lottery as a platform?


Will Quanta lottery draw attention from cryptocurrency users?


Will Quanta lottery draw attention from existing online lottery players?


What kind of features should we add to improve gamification?

At the moment the Quanta platform has a very basic UI with little to make it stand out. I think that the ability to see all the ticket results after the draw and which tickets won was an excellent step but there was little other draw to engage me with the lottery process. I think that cryptocurrency users will be drawn to the platform as a good use case of the benefits of blockchain technology intersecting with lotteries but most people who are involved with cryptocurrencies seem to be either quite progressive thinkers or technically savvy. In order to engage with lottery users en-masse, I think there needs to be more development put into an engaging UI, including animations of draw results, possibly graphics to click to ‘open’ and show results, and more decoration. Many popular computer games and mobile games do this well when making purchases of ‘random’ loot or reward packs. It would also have liked an overlay that would stay on whichever quanta screen I was on which would show an estimated countdown to the next draw and how many tickets (and the current total number of tickets) I had in that draw.

Evaluation of UX

Was it easy to purchase tickets?


Was it easy to use Quanta wallet?


Was it easy to follow gaming rules?


Was the user interface intuitive (user friendly)?


Was the Quanta wallet intuitive (user friendly)?


Was the registration process intuitive (user friendly)?


Was the result of lottery easy to understand?


What kind of improvements should we implement for better user experience?

Once set up and the demonstration had bee shown, the process was very easy to do. What would have improved the simplicity would have been a central access page with links to get to all areas – downloading and preparing the wallet, downloading and preparing the RANDAO, playing the lottery etc.
Each section could also include a short video for explanations, tutorials and a graphical quick-step reminder to show how the process works. Having to go to more than one place to download and install software, and having to register multiple accounts, was more time consuming than I expected and could turn people off registering to use the platform.

Your thought

Please provide us your overall thoughts on Quanta from your own expertise perspective.

I think that the premise of Quanta is excellent and it has a number of benefits to offer above existing lottery solutions. However, having said that, in its current form I feel there are a number of areas that need to be addressed before it would be ready to market to the general public as a lottery for them to use on a daily basis. The first main issue I see is engaging the user. As I have laid out in some previous answers, the UI for Quanta lottery is quite basic and needs to provide animation and graphics both on the basic web pages and when the results of a lottery come through. Without this kind of development, I don’t see mass adoption happening as people will not be drawn to return to a site that doesn’t stand out visually. A second area to improve would be the accessibility of the different aspects of Quanta. There will need to be a central entrance page for people to download, set up and then play the lottery. The quicker and simpler the process, the more likely the average user is to engage with the platform. In the UK, as long as a person can prove they are of age, playing the lottery is as simple as buying a ticket and waiting for the result. Adding in downloads and signing up may not be overly complex but it adds in steps when compared to the current process. Unless it is all in one central, easy to follow place, many potential users will not bother. Also worth considering is choice. There are a large number of lotteries available which suit various gamblers requirements. In order to reach a large number of people I think that Quanta will need to offer flexible lottery sizes and durations for people who have different requirements of gambling in lotteries. In summary, to realise its potential and bring the secure, provably fair solution it offers to lotteries, Quanta neds to be as simple as possible to explain and use, visually (and auditorily) engaging, and flexible to meet users requirements.

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