Stelios P Michaelides Appointed as CCO of Quanta

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[19 May, 2020, Hong Kong] — Quanta, the Isle of Man based Blockchain Lottery pioneer, is pleased to announce the appointment of Stelios P Michaelides as the Chief Compliance Officer of Quanta.

“Stelios has sound judgment and ability to identify and resolve complex issues in a dynamic environment,” said Harmen Brenninkmeijer, Quanta’s CEO. “I am confident that he will further Quanta’s ability to successfully navigate the ever-changing business and regulatory landscapes.”

Stelios is a strategic thinking, internationally-minded and versatile Chief Financial Officer with over forty years managerial experience of ensuring optimal financial and business operations across extremely diverse geographies and sectors.

He is well-versed in managing stakeholder relationships, building support and loyalty in order to achieve shared goals and further business success. And, with experience in restructuring internal operations and processes, executing Change Management techniques, developing innovative accounting and financial management systems from the ground up, creating processes that have stood the test of time and guiding companies across large-scale transitions with outstanding management skills needed to optimize and exceed performance expectations.

About Quanta
Quanta is a pioneer in the development of blockchain technology solutions. Quanta’s powerful technology connects consumers with decentralised products and services via its transparent payment gateway – Quanta Pay. Quanta aims to provide a single mobile interface for its users to manage crypto and make payments to its lotteries and all other Quanta-built and integrated 3rd party products and services. In 2017 Quanta launched the first licensed blockchain lottery which fully utilises blockchain. The company also launched its NMI-certified random number generator (Randao), itself entirely built and operated on blockchain. Both its lottery games and Randao are or will be accessible via Quanta Pay.

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