A Breakthrough

Blockchain-based Lottery

Quanta ensures complete trust for lottery players, operators and investors by harnessing decentralized technologies. Powered by Ethereum blockchain Smart Contracts, all the processes ticket sales and prize payouts to winning ticket selections automated, transparent and secure. Minimizing the risk of manipulation while maximizing efficiencies, the new technologies that Quanta relies upon create an easier, more enjoyable experience for all people.

How Quanta Lottery Works

Lottery Game built on Ethereum blockchain can become a major drive of innovation in the global lottery industry. A complete process of Quanta Lottery from lottery opening to prize distribution is described in the following diagram:

Random Number Generation


RNG, the core part of Quanta Lottery System, relies on the Randao process to generate the random number required for selecting lottery prize winners.


Lottery Manager, Randao Operator, and outside participants (who have completed KYC verification level 3) each generates and commits a secret number. To join the Randao Process, an Ether deposit is required from outside players.

Once having enough outside players, the reveal process begins. All related parties including the players are required to open Quanta Game Wallet during the reveal process to generate Final Random Numbers required for determining lottery prize winners.


Upon successful completion of Randao, the Ether deposit is returned to each participant’s Quanta Game Wallet with an additional bounty as incentive to participate in Randao.