The Quanta-BitoEX “QNTU Listing Event” Successfully Held in Taiwan

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  2. The Quanta-BitoEX “QNTU Listing Event” Successfully Held in Taiwan
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The Quanta-BitoEX “QNTU Listing Event” was successfully held on 10 August, 2018 in Taiwan. It was a remarkable day to commemorate the landmark moments for Quanta and BitoEX.

The event started with a welcoming remark by Titan Cheng, CEO and Co-Founder of BitoEx and BitoPro. Titan was delighted about the collaboration with Quanta and was very pleased to list QNTU on BitoPro, the exchange arm of BitoEX. Then Kostas Farris, our CTO, took the stage and expressed his gratitude with the opportunity to come to Taiwan. In front of approximately 100 blockchain enthusiasts, Kostas gave an introduction of Quanta, enabling them to know what Quanta has done within  blockchain technology development that resulted with the innovative Quanta Lottery.

To further explain the development of a blockchain-driven gaming product, Adam Vaziri, CEO of QRC, went on to elaborate the relationship between blockchain and regulation so the audience would have a better understanding of this open, distributed ledger, and the possibility of it being programmed to function in different industries, such as, gaming. Adam mentioned that QRC itself being the renowned RegTech pioneer, together with prestigious IT company TUL, also made a monumental step by collaborating with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) on the research and development of blockchain technology.

The last part of the ceremony was led by Dinh Tran Hoang Quan, the CTO of Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL). Quan highlighted that blockchain technology was compatible with gaming products and he analyzed with the audience, together with the enthusiastic technology industry media, blockchain focused do’s and don’ts when applying such technology into gaming.

Overall the event was extremely successful. The many positive moments with BitoEX plus the audience, media, and fellow speakers were spectacular. Quanta looks forward to having more close interactions with all of them and especially with BitoEX in which we see a great opportunity in our collaboration to benefit the Taiwanese community in investing and trading tokens.