White Label Affiliates

Quanta blockchain lottery

Quanta’s innovative technology using its RNG system is available for integration by anyone operating an existing licensed lottery. Quanta will provide the necessary adaptive technology and know-how for the complete integration of an easier, cheaper and more effective lottery system.

Our Benefits

  • Quanta blockchain lottery

    Quality Guaranteed

    Subject to rigorous NMi testing and full technical support by expert in-house engineers.

  • Quanta blockchain lottery


    Easily adaptable to localised cultures, settings or rules that can be transformed for further growth.

  • Quanta blockchain lottery

    New Market Opportunity

    Flexible business design available for developing new markets (e.g. very low ticket price, unconventional prize form).

  • Quanta blockchain lottery


    As Blockchain functions as an auditor, it is totally reliable regardless of the credibility of the organization or staff.

  • Quanta blockchain lottery

    Cost Effective Operation

    Autonomous operations will optimize paperwork and resources while avoiding human error, thus keeping management costs very low.

How to Become a White Label Affiliate?

  • 01

    White Label Affiliate approaches Quanta Technology Limited (QTL) and purchases Quanta Lottery’s underlying technology.

  • 02

    White Label Affiliate integrates the Quanta technology into their new or existing lottery.

  • 03

    White Label Affiliate operates all aspects of the lottery (marketing and selling tickets, selecting winners, prize payouts, etc.)