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[6 March, 2020, Hong Kong]— Quanta brought the world its first fully licensed blockchain lottery and the company plans to build on this achievement in 2020 and beyond with more blockchain innovation and an expanded team of industry experts. 2020 is the year when Quanta aims to introduce new blockchain products to its portfolio, open new market opportunities with a focus on Africa, and develop new service offerings incorporating social impact and fintech together with its lottery and gaming core.

Right team, right now

Towards the end of 2019 Quanta implemented a strategic review that resulted in sweeping changes to its management team and structure. This process has resulted in a positive narrowing of its focus and a subsequent leap forward in its productivity.

The changes were necessary to create an agile company that is better equipped to address the challenges that face technology solution providers intersecting two complex and highly regulated industries. As a company providing gaming and fintech technology solutions that are built on innovative blockchain solutions, Quanta can have a major cultural and social impact whilst delivering stakeholder value through profitability and increased token utility. But to achieve its ambitions, change was needed to the Quanta’s leadership.

Harmen Brenninkmeijer, Quanta’s new CEO: “I see enormous potential to build upon what Quanta and its previous team has accomplished technically. The company is moving out of technical feasibility to a more commercial focus. I have assembled a team of gaming product, regulatory and fintech experts that combine perfectly with Quanta Lab’s blockchain development capabilities. We are adapting our strategy and approach to give Quanta the opportunity to achieve its goals in 2020 and beyond as well as to deliver on stakeholder expectations.”

Since taking the CEO position, Brenninkmeijer has made several key appointments to his revamped executive team:

CFO Jason Yee graduated with BCom and MBA degrees from the University of Toronto and is a qualified CPA in Canada, USA and Hong Kong. Jason is a seasoned banker with over 25 years of working experience from large FIs including BNP Paribas, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley. Roles included controllership, regulatory reporting, taxation, cost management, financial reporting, performance and sales reporting, business transformation and as finance head across the Asian region.

CPO Ian Sherrington is perhaps best known in the gaming industry for writing the code that ran the very first internet Sportsbook – Intertops.com – which came online in January 1996. After its successful launch, Ian expanded the website to incorporate a Microgaming online casino, payment providers PayPal and Neteller and the industry’s best-known affiliate program. Ian was granted the very first UK online bookmaker’s license in 1998. More recently, Ian has been involved with new blockchain technologies by developing the first Ethereum P2P Sportsbook for Betr.Bet and is now busy as Product Owner for the cutting-edge Quanta Blockchain Lottery.

MD Africa John Kamara is an experienced marketing, business growth, and market acquisition executive, who has successfully delivered multi-million-dollar global initiatives and projects on & offline for over 15 years, in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. John has over 10 years of international experience working in a multitude of industries globally including blockchain, AI, gaming, e-commerce, and fintech. He was the Chief Strategist of the team that introduced the Global Good project to the Nigerian government via the office of the Vice President and the Minister for Agriculture and Health. John is also involved in various advisory roles with projects in Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, and Nigeria. In addition, he is also Director of Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa Crypto University and African Blockchain Association.

Director Stelios Michaelides has over forty years managerial experience of ensuring optimal financial and business operations across extremely diverse geographies and sectors. Stelios is an adept leader with the ability to restructure internal operations and processes in order to improve a company’s revenue and reputation and is well-versed in managing stakeholder relationships, building support and loyalty in order to achieve shared goals and further business success. He is proactive in executing Change Management techniques and creates innovative accounting and financial management systems from the ground up with processes that have stood the test of time. Stelios has guided companies across large-scale transitions using his outstanding management skills to optimize and exceed performance expectations.

Now with over 150 years of experience in just the executive team across gaming, fintech and blockchain, Quanta is targeting emerging markets in Africa as the hub of operations for its ambitious strategy for 2020. The basis of this expansion is Quanta’s product, which has progressed enormously in the past 3 months as improved agile development processes have begun to show encouraging results.

The products to grow with – When Transparency Matters

The key insight Quanta’s management has used to establish its business focus for 2020 is the answers that come from a simple question – when does transparency matter?

When you want to be trusted without question
When regulators want immutable data and direct system access
When you ask customers to pay to play a game with a prize
When you are responsible for people’s digital money
When users trust you with their personal information
When you contribute to good causes

Since Quanta sits at the intersection of gaming and fintech these insights are essential to product development. Quanta’s technology provides customers and partners absolute transparency with the assurance that no transaction can be faked – by Quanta, the operator, the user or any person or body that is involved in the operation of its products. The company’s products are mobile-only but are also adaptable to markets where accessing data is a major barrier. Incorporating Quanta’s token into the ecosystem will lead to increased utility with additional motivation for ecosystem participants to promote the system’s tokens in the future.

At the core of Quanta’s renewed business strategy is the development, introduction and operation of an innovative approach to lottery in Africa. Quanta’s Social Impact Lotteries (SILs) are charitable lotteries that are provided with blockchain-based payments and control systems. They also open the door for Quanta to expand further in the value chain in the future by offering additional digital services, all provided via the company’s central digital payments product – Quanta Pay.

Additionally, Quanta is developing a concept for Rewarding Games that has the potential to shake up the standard approach to RNG-driven games like slots. By adding an esports type approach to game mechanics gameplay can be enhanced whilst reducing the potential for harm. More news on these developments will be shared as products are ready to be demonstrated to the marketplace.

Additional highlights of Quanta’s product development achievements to-date include:

• Completion of development of its 6/49 blockchain lottery game with GLI certification;
• Implementation of its payment centric solution enabling the conversion of multiple digital assets;
• Establishment of Quanta Game Tokens to enable participation in Quanta’s blockchain lotteries; and
• The commercial launch of its blockchain-based Quanta Raffle.

Quanta’s core market focus is on large rapidly growing emerging markets in Africa with mobile-first ecosystems which can benefit from the company’s technology, products and social impact strategies. Quanta has already made excellent progress, and more is to come in 2020:

• Acquired a licensed lottery operator in Nigeria that operates Naija Lottery and subsequently secured a license to additionally offer sports betting;
• Launched a licensed sports betting offering in Nigeria;
• Working to open operating opportunities in the following markets:
– Zambia (license granted)
– East Africa (Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya)

On the expansion into Zambia, Quanta Africa MD John Kamara: “We have acquired the majority shares in Pleasure Sports Zambia. This is a fast-growing betting and smart solutions company that leverages the power of blockchain to serve its customers. Together with Quanta, the company is positioning to launch the first blockchain lottery in that region.” Kamara goes on to state that “Together, Quanta and Pleasure Sports Zambia’s combined aim is that lottery should be used for economic development and we aim to ensure transparency in the process is core to our approach.”

“The future is really exciting,” concludes Brenninkmeijer. “The technical base is in place and we are now expanding our product portfolio and establishing commercial opportunities in multiple markets across Africa. Building a footprint in highly regulated yet emerging markets is a great challenge, yet I am positive we have the right strategy, team and vision to achieve great things from the solid foundation we now have in place.”

About Quanta
Quanta is a pioneer in the development of blockchain solutions for gaming. In 2017, the company launched the first licensed blockchain lottery, fully utilising blockchain together with its NMI-certified random number generator, Randao, which is entirely built and operated on blockchain. Quanta’s utility token, QNTU trades on six renowned cryptocurrency exchanges including HitBTC and Bit-Z.

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