Quanta Presents at the World Gaming Expo 2017, Monaco

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  2. Quanta Presents at the World Gaming Expo 2017, Monaco

The 1st World Gaming Expo (WGE) was held in the Grimaldi Forum Monaco from the 6th to the 8th of December 2017. During the 3 days of the event, Quanta attended to showcase our Ethereum-based lottery platform as a case study of the blockchain revolution in online gaming.

The blockchain technology as the driver for the next generation of online gaming

On the first day of the event, Adam Vaziri, Quanta’s Chief Regulatory Officer, participated in the panel discussion about blockchain technology and how it is transforming the online gaming industry for the better. Adam discussed the prospect of blockchain technology and how it offers a wide variety of possibilities for innovation in the field of gaming. Adam also discussed how this technology can result in lower transaction fees, an ultimate benefit to society.

On the 2nd day of the event, Kostas Farris, Chief Technology Officer of Quanta, delivered a presentation to attendees which focused on the differences between conventional and blockchain platforms. Kostas also explained why the Quanta Lottery is a viable solution which could resolve the current problems of traditional lotteries.

Game-play session and Randao process organized at Quanta’s exhibition booth

Quanta also reserved a booth where attendees could stop by to experience the Quanta lottery platform and its technology. Participants had a chance to go through the whole buying process and get hands-on experience of using a cryptocurrency wallet to purchase tickets. The Randao process, which helps us to generate a random number required for selecting lottery prize winners based via a Smart Contract was run on 7th December aside from the lottery. The Randao process was run in 3 rounds. In the first round, both the custodian and Randao players got a random number generated by the system. Then, both of them sent hashing numbers which were encrypted and deposited money to the Randao pool. Quanta successfully demonstrated the Randao process to attendees.

Being an exhibitor and a conference speaker at the event is a great opportunity for us to introduce Quanta and let more people know about the new technology behind our blockchain lottery platform, engage them to play the demo section and allow us to collect valuable feedback that will help us to improve our product before the official launch.