Quanta Attends TokenSky 2019 To Extend Its Blockchain Solutions

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  2. Quanta Attends TokenSky 2019 To Extend Its Blockchain Solutions

Quanta recently attended the 2019 TokenSky Blockchain Conference Hong Kong Station and 16th TFC Global Mobile Games Conference. The two-day event took place at the Hong Kong Science Park and saw many of the world’s leading blockchain investors and game developers attending.

Beyond the extensive range of exhibitors, the event also invited a number of top blockchain experts, many of whom hail from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan, to speak about their thoughts of the industry and what they expect will happen in the near future.

Throughout the conference, Quanta met and spoke with many curious visitors that were interested in our blockchain-powered solutions, including the gaming platform, random number generator and more.

“Blockchain is a game-changer for the gaming industry as well as many others that rely on security and reliability,” said Shogo Ishida, Marketing Director of Quanta. “Many companies are now looking towards empowering their business or products through blockchain and this is especially true in China and the rest of Asia as we witnessed here at Tokensky. We are very excited to see how we will be able to enable these businesses and extend our network into the region.”

Quanta will be participating in many other blockchain and gaming events throughout the course of this year and will keep anyone interested in speaking to us in-person updated on our next attendance.