Quanta Meet Up Japan Tour 2019. August -Quanta Holds Meet Up Event in Japan-

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  2. Quanta Meet Up Japan Tour 2019. August -Quanta Holds Meet Up Event in Japan-

Since the launch of the Quanta lottery in Isle of Man in February 2018 as “The world’s first licensed blockchain lottery” Quanta has been actively and extensively involved in projects, such as starting businesses with products on private blockchains and acquiring one of the biggest lottery license corporations in Nigeria, which has the largest population in Africa with 200 million.

During May of this year, we updated our roadmap (http://bit.ly/2WTcGiy), which provided guidance on the direction of new products and future business development.

Since the launch of the Quanta project in 2015, the company has made various innovations and milestones within the blockchain industry. This development will continue with a tour around Japan with project leaders this year. From specific details of the roadmap to the current status of Quanta and its future development, there will be plenty of opportunities for discussions and explanations by leaders of the company.

□■Quanta Meet Up Japan Tour 2019□■

3rd-6th on August 2019 at Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo

■Fukuoka round

-Date: August 3rd, Saturday

-Venue: TKP Garden City Hakata, Aso2


-Number of participants: 50 (Maximum)

-Fee: 1,000yen

Open: 7pm Start: 7:30pm

■Osaka round

-Date: August 4th, Sunday

-Venue: TKP Garden City Higashi-Umeda, 7A


-Number of participants: 50 (Maximum)

-Fee: 1,000yen

Open: 7pm Start: 7:30pm

■Nagoya round

-Date: August 5th, Monday

-Venue: TKP Garden City PREMIUM Nagoya-station West Gate


-Number of participants: 50 (Maximum)

-Fee: 1,000yen

Open: 7pm Start: 7:30pm

■Tokyo round

-Date: August 6th, Tuesday

-Venue: TKP Tokyo-station Nihonbashi conference-center-hall 4B


-Number of participants: 50 (Maximum)

-Fee: 1,000yen

Open: 7:15pm Start: 7:45pm

Please refer to the details below and join us:



<Konstantinos Farris> Chief Technology Officer and Acting CEO

Kostas has been working for 20 years at the gaming company “Intralot” regarded as one of Greece’s largest lottery operators, which has more than 5,000 employees in 53 countries worldwide (30 years of experience in the gaming industry). At the company that leads the global gaming industry, he has held key roles as a group CTO and executive committee member, and has also served as head of the technical department consisting of 350 engineers. Joining Quanta in November 2017 and leading the development of gaming products as CTO, he is also active as Acting CEO of the Isle of Man company.

<Harmen Brenninkmeijer> Chief Strategy Officer

Harmen has worked on projects in 65 countries, especially in emerging countries, and has served as Chairman of the European Gaming Commission, a world leader in the gaming industry. With a track record of running various casinos around the world including Grand Casino in Hungary, Magic Casino in Northern Cyprus, and Playboy Casino in Rhodes, Africa, he has also been a panelist and speaker at ICE Africa and gaming conferences in Africa. He is familiar with the market and plays an important role in Quanta’s business development.

<Shogo Ishida> Director

Shogo is a corporate officer and advisor on a global scale, leading the worldwide expansion of Quanta. He has a track record in the public and private sectors, including work experience in the US, Europe and the Middle East, and make use of his knowledge to move into the blockchain industry.