Quanta’s meetup tour draws crowds in Japan

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Quanta’s meetup tour draws crowds in Japan

Last week, core members of Quanta’s team travelled throughout Japan to present and discuss Quanta’s development, launch and future. Adam Vaziri and Konstantinos Farris (CRO and CTO respectively) visited Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Tokyo and met up with the Quanta community. The meetups attracted over 600 individuals in total, with a showing of over 200 in Tokyo alone.

Each meetup began with a brief introduction of the team, Quanta, and what has been accomplished so far. Adam, Quanta’s Chief Regulatory Officer, addressed one of the most pertinent aspects of Quanta for investors: the effects of regulation of Quanta’s business plan and how Quanta will comply with all regulations.

He presented the previous approach being taken in the UK and the Isle of Man as it starts laying regulating groundwork for cryptocurrency and the blockchain in general. He stressed Quanta’s commitment to regulatory compliance. Illustrating this desire for complete compliance, he spoke about how Quanta has been working closely with the government of the Isle of Man in order to get licensed.

He then went on to present the major issues that are currently plaguing the traditional lottery industry and the unique solutions that have been made possible through the use and application of blockchain technology.

Quanta’s meetup tour draws crowds in Japan

Kostas, Quanta’s CTO, then took the stage. The ex-CTO of Intralot, with more than 28 years’ experience in gaming technology, presented Quanta’s competitive advantages and the technical expertise of the team that is developing Quanta’s key products. He emphasized the potent combination that is Quanta’s mixture of market-leading technical innovations and experienced leadership. His segment finished with an introduction to, and explanation of, the RANDAO and the sweeping market effects this technology could have.

Shogo, Quanta’s Marketing Director, then took the stage to give a short recap of Quanta’s presentation at the ICE Totally Gaming show that took place earlier this month in London. It was at this key industry forum that Quanta had announced the launch of the product.

Adam and Kostas closed with an exciting overview of things to come, presenting the new RANDAO-based Lotto and Keno games coming in 2018, and discussing new virtual games that are in the works. They then finished by presenting recent enhancements of the token model, discussing the roles of the QNT-U and QNT-R tokens, before segueing into a Q & A session with the guests.