Quanta Receives NMi Certification on the First Version of Its Lottery System

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  2. Quanta Receives NMi Certification on the First Version of Its Lottery System
Quanta receives NMi Certification on the first version of its lottery system

A lottery’s provable fairness, and by effect its entire credibility, rests upon its ability to generate truly random numbers. One of Quanta’s greatest technology breakthroughs involved creating a blockchain-based random number generator (RNG) named Randao. To prove to clients and partners that Randao’s technology, operations and infrastructure is inherently sound and secure, it underwent the rigorous testing process required to receive NMi Certification.

Quanta’s Randao Technology

Randao produces the random number that directly determines the lottery’s winning lottery tickets. It accomplishes this by requiring outside participants (who are properly registered and compensated for their participation) to commit a random hashing number to the automated API and socket server using a unique Randao Wallet. Once enough hashing numbers have been committed by outside participants, the reveal process begins. During the reveal process all hashing numbers generate the essential Randao Final Number by using XOR: ‘bitwise exclusive or’ operator ^ (see full technical explination in the Solidity documentation here : http://solidity.readthedocs.io/en/develop/types.html). The technical complexity of the process is difficult to understand for average users, and therefore an independent team of trusted professionals is required to verify its integrity.


NMi is a globally reputed compliance testing and auditing lab with more than 40 years of experience in the gaming industry. As an independent party, they underpin people’s confidence in the technical and operational elements of traditional and online gaming. In regards to Quanta, their team of highly qualified software engineers and mathematicians tested Randao’s  software and hardware under various conditions. The system performed flawlessly and as a result, NMi’s engineers demonstrably concluded that the system generates random statistical results and that the outcomes are fully unpredictable.

Effects of the Certification

Attaining the globally recognized certification from NMi constitutes a major step in Quanta’s progress towards global release. With it, the lottery stands apart from its peers as having a truly random system vetted by the world’s leading experts. The distinction will have a significant effect on the trust players, partners, investors and regulators place in the system. Quanta Technology complied with GSC (Gambling Supervision Commission) request not only by enhancing technology security and risk management, but also by working with NMi to certify all the system upgrades in the future.

The certification also allows Quanta to receive its Isle of Man OGRA (Online Gambling Regulation Act) licence and therefore operate, with full compliance, in numerous nations around the world. By embracing the strictest and more arduous testing, Quanta has taken every effort possible to demonstrate the fundamental transparency and unrivaled fairness of its system.

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