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[1 August, 2018, Isle of Man] Quanta is excited to announce that a contract has been signed with BitoEX, the major digital asset exchange platform in Taiwan, for the listing of Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU) as a tradable asset. QNTU will become the 13th token to be listed in BitoPro, BitoEX’s exchange arm, and will be the first token of a foreign project.

BitoPro is the cryptocurrency exchange arm of BitoEx who plan to expand its operating countries from Taiwan to Singapore, Malaysia and India. BitoEx, have the greatest market share of Bitcoin wallets in Taiwan and is committed to both the crypto and digital currency world.

BitoEx has made a powerful impact on the industry by launching the Bitcoin-Purchasing Service at convenience stores throughout Taiwan. Enthusiasts can initially buy Bitcoin at over 3,000 Family Mart stores using the existing multi-service touchscreen kiosks, the operational service network later expanded to over 5,000 with new chain stores added. The membership exceeds 250,000, which covers 80% of market share in Taiwan.

Titan Cheng, CEO and Co-Founder of BitoEx and BitoPro, says “We are very pleased to list QNTU on BitoPro. This listing will give the Taiwanese community more chances to get involved with Quanta’s innovative global blockchain project and will present them with opportunities for investing and trading tokens.”

Quanta, the first fully licensed blockchain lottery in the world, also shared the same philosophy as BitoEX and wishes to further enhance the industry; thus we are delighted to have the Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU) listed on BitoPro as a tradable assets.

“We are very pleased with this opportunity to have QNTU listed on Taiwan’s top exchange, BitoPro. Quanta launched its first product in February 2018 and this is a further achievement for the company.BitoPro is Taiwan’s top exchange so it is a good fit for the business” says Steven Ormond-Smith, CFO of Quanta.

A Quanta-BitoPro “QNTU Listing Event” will be held on 10 August, 2018 in Taiwan.

About BitoEX

BitoEX Technology Limited is established in British Virgin Island in 2014 and its team is located in Taipei and Hong Kong. Company’s vision is to use blockchain technology to solve the drawbacks of traditional financial services. Besides, BitoEX invests lots of security resources to provide the most stable and secure transactions. Users can buy Bitcoin through over 3,000 convenience stores with BitoEX in Taiwan since 2015. With 80% Taiwanese market share and 250,000 members, BitoEX launched international cryptocurrency exchange, BitoPro, in early 2018 and plan to expand to India, Singapore and Malaysia in the near future.

For more information: https://www.bitoex.com/

About Quanta

Quanta is an innovative blockchain-oriented company, utilizing smart contracts in order to ensure fully automated and transparent background to the Lotteries. With the implementation of its blockchain-powered Random Number Generation, which is patented and certified, Quanta minimizes the opportunity of cheating and manipulation in gambling. Quanta with its blockchain-powered solutions leverages the credibility and the transparency of the Lotteries and increase the confidence amongst the players. The lottery under Quanta is not only fully safe and reliable, but also provides a great customer experience.

For more information on QNTU, visit https://quantaplc.im or www.myquanta.imfor Quanta’s lottery product.