Quanta Soon Launching New Game, Lotto 6/49

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  2. Quanta Soon Launching New Game, Lotto 6/49

Quanta Technology, the world’s first licensed blockchain lottery operator, is excited to announce that we are preparing to launch our Lotto 6/49 lottery game.

Lotto 6/49 is one of the major and most recognizable lotto games in the world. It involves players choosing six numbers from a possible 49 and if the ticket matches all six randomly generated numbers, then the Jackpot prize is won. Quanta RNG is utilized in the drawing.

Should more than one player win the top prize, it is split amongst them. Lesser prizes are also awarded if the player matches 3, 4 or 5 numbers. This game combines pool and fixed odds winning categories as well as supporting a guaranteed jackpot amount.

Players will be able to participate and play the new Lotto 6/49 game by buying Quanta Game Tokens (“QGT”) using QNTU, ETH or Bitcoin. If a player were to win the game, they can withdraw their winnings back in the same currency that they used to deposit in. Meaning if a player used Bitcoin to buy QGT, this will be the currency players receive when converting it back.

Quanta has previously made the beta version of 6/49 last year on the public blockchain. The release of Lotto 6/49, which is expected to happen in Isle of Man at the end of July, is anticipated to attract more players to join the Quanta game platform and increase participation from existing players.

Quanta is continuing to introduce more lottery games based on blockchain technology as well as incorporate other vendors game under our platform we look forward to making these and many more games available to our players.