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As CFO of Quanta, I am delighted to share that dividend distributions were made to QNT holders. Detail:

All eligible holders should have received their dividends.  This dividend was computed based on prorata % holding of all QNT tokens multiplied by 5% of lottery sales turnover generated from IoM up to June 2020.

It is noted that two batch of royalty payments were made with the first batch of recipients processed on Jun 30th based on etherscan holders.  The second batch was processed this week based on wallet holders on record in 2017.

Since some dividend payouts were relatively small, you may not see any material change in your ETH holdings.  But if you refer to the transaction history, you will likely see our dividend distribution in ETH that may be taken to a number of decimal places based on your prorata % holding of QNT tokens.

At the same time, I would also like to provide a quick update on our tokens.  In early March, we decided to swap our QNTU utility token into a new QNTX token. Based on new strategic direction, we embarked on creating more utility by moving into a multiple utility token in a much larger ecosystem (beyond gaming).  Following the swap announcement, we saw more support for the token as we move into the new development phase with ecosystem focus on Sub-Saharan African region.  A number of strategic alliances are under consideration as we expand with local partners, but more to follow.

Also, I would like to share the facts that our new QNTX has now been minted and is undergoing security audit of our smart contract. Following debugging of any issues, we would expect token re-listing in Sept/Oct latest.  Our escrow wallet, Quanta Pay has also been created to house your new QNTX token along with your chosen staking which would be shown in the new wallet.  And we will gladly share with all of you our latest product features soon.

Look out for news to come as we launch our new escrow wallet in the larger ecosystem and for the new QNTX token listed onto the exchanges in the fall of 2020.  If you do have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] for assistance.

Signing off, Jason

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Quanta is a pioneer in the development of blockchain technology solutions. Quanta’s powerful technology connects consumers with decentralised products and services via its transparent payment gateway – Quanta Pay. Quanta aims to provide a single mobile interface for its users to manage crypto and make payments. This will also allow interaction with Quanta’s games and applications as well as third party products and services. In 2017 Quanta launched the first licensed blockchain lottery which fully utilises blockchain. The company also launched its GLI-certified random number generator (Randao), itself entirely built and operated on blockchain. Quanta’s lottery games and Randao are accessible via Quanta Pay.

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