We launched the world’s first fully licensed blockchain lottery

We use blockchain to provide highly transparent digital services & competitive lottery platform solutions

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Low Cost

Suit highly competitive and emerging markets

Use in highly competitive mature markets

Low cost to maximize profitability

Use in high volume emerging markets

Low cost with scale to maximize growth

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Tech and Currency Agnostic

Provide broad coverage

Combine with traditional tech

Our solutions use blockchain where it improves delivery or enhances the user experience. We also work and integrate with traditional technologies.

Process payments from any currency

We work with crypto and fiat currencies

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Delivering transparency and trust to the user and to the regulator

Give regulators direct access

Regulators can be part of the process

Give players peace of mind

The transparency and trust provided by smart contracts

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Enabling the discovery of new business models

Discover new opportunities

Flexible solutions that enable the discovery of new business models.

Our products sit at the intersection of gaming & fintech

Quanta Pay

  • Effortless crypto wallet to interact with the mobile lottery
  • Non-custodial with all private keys kept by users
  • Major cryptocurrencies supported

Lottery 6/49

Lotto 6/49 is a fixed odds Lotto game where players choose any combination of 6 numbers from 1-49. Prizes are won based on how many of your chosen numbers match the winning numbers.


  • Blockchain-based licensed number generator
  • Decentralised, socialised and verifiably fair


GINAR blockchain-based solution guarantees to generate ultimate fair, secure, and transparent random numbers



Ultra-secure, giving the confidence to resume normal life

COVI-PASS™ is arguably the world’s most secure decentralized digital health passport, to verify and authenticate health credentials.

COVI-PASS gives businesses and consumers the ability and peace of mind to return to work, life and travel to protect against COVID-19