Quanta Shares Triumphant Experience at Block Co+ Tokyo 2018

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  2. Quanta Shares Triumphant Experience at Block Co+ Tokyo 2018
Quanta blockchain lottery

Quanta attended Block Co+ Tokyo 2018 on 29 June 2018. Shogo Ishida, Marketing Director of Quanta, gave an impressive presentation in front of about 1,000 audiences, covering topics from Quanta’s innovative technology development to the latest listing of the Quanta token, QNTU, on HitBTC.

Blockchain lottery has gained much attention over the past few years but to perfect the product it has needed expertise. To successfully run such a product takes more than cutting-edge technology but masterful development and application. Quanta, of course, took these pioneering steps and succeeded and we were delighted to share our story with technology developers and investors.

In a breakthrough development Quanta has collaborated with HitBTC, the world’s 5th top cryptocurrency exchange, to have QNTU listed as tradable assets. This partnership has heralded yet another new era for Quanta. Our fellow investors were enthralled by our achievement and were interested to learn more how to earn QNTU. Altogether, our devotion to blockchain technology is unparalleled and we were grateful to have this precious opportunity to share our experience with the audience, who, above all, are the driving force and motivation for us to always increase out performance.

Block Co+ Tokyo 2018 Website: https://blockcoplusasia.com/en/